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Layer 3 Web Design and search engine marketing and optimization solutions in Rochester NY - We produce custom, high quality web sites that are competitively priced and built to last. Our goal is to service clients in the Rochester and surrounding areas with their website presence.
A business in Rochester, no matter how big or small today, needs a website. It is the one tool that can be a marketing brochure, mail order catalog and give your customer the necessary information to make the correct purchase in one easy package. All of this without printing paper, paying phone bills and no postage needed.
We offer any business in Rochester a chance to join the world wide web in a cost effective way that yields results. With over eight years experience creating websites, we have many tips and tricks that will get you near the top of any local search results related to your specialty. This is called search engine optimization or SEO, and we can get the results you need to target new customers.

Feel free to Contact Us, so that we can sit down and discuss your end goal. Our solutions have no hidden costs and we can have you up and running in a short period of time. We can easily develop the solutions your business needs to increase your profits. Even in a tough economy.
With an integrated approach to your Rochester, NY based business, we bring together three distinct fields of web site expertise: Structure, content and presentation. By applying these key elements we understand how to bring your website to the very people who are searching for your goods and services.

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postheadericon More than just a website

A few years ago it was just enough to have a website and be able to get your email at your chosen domain name, but it is more important than ever to have a website that gets you noticed and bring in a wider customer base. If a business owner couples that idea with the thought that a website should do more than just display information about your product. Once you free your self from this mind set then you can start to ask, "What can my website do for me?"

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postheadericon Mission Statement

Our Goal is to help the small business and it's owner compete at a high level.

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postheadericon A Flexible Website

There are many reasons to put a website in your business functions portfolio, however one key consideration if the flexibility of that site. How easy is it going to be for you or your personnel to use?  Can you change your website? Do you want to change your website? There are many factors that go into building and designing a website however we believe that a content managed website will give you the greatest flexibility and make your website more useful over a longer period of time because as the owner you will be able to change the site to meet your needs.

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One of the biggest changes a company goes through is recreating a buiness process from a traditional physical process to a virtual one. That requires training. Training by the creator or the systems architect is a key consideration when developing your current process into a business process.

If your looking at a team that does not offer to train you and your team to use that system that they have developed for you then move on.

Last Updated (Monday, 12 July 2010 14:04)